Celebrating 200 Years of History in 2020

Clarks Ferry Bridge

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The Clark’s Ferry Bridge was part of the Main Line Pennsylvania Canal built in 1828. Mules walked on a cantilevered walkway outside the structure and towed canal boats across the river. The dam below the bridge was known as Green’s Dam and created a calm surface for the canal boats. The bridge put an end to the hand – poled ferry that existed at this location for nearly 50 years.


View from Peter’s Mountain

Seven different bridges have crossed the Susquehanna River at this location. While in Dauphin County the bridge has always had a strong connection to Duncannon and contributed greatly to its growth in the mid-1800s. The covered bridge that stood in the distance was considered at the time to be the longest covered bridge in the world at 2088 feet.

Early 1900s

Early 1900s

The "new" bridge 1928

The “new” bridge 1928

Collecting tolls circa 1920

Collecting tolls circa 1920



Inside Bridge

Inside Bridge

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