In early 2014, a committee of historically minded Perry Countians began planning for the County’s 200th Anniversary in 2020.  Perry County for several generations was part of Cumberland County, until population growth led to the establishment of a new political district, named after a Pennsylvania patriot from the War of 1812, Oliver Hazard Perry.

Meeting regularly during 2014, the Committee set several five year goals, and thanks to the Internet age, those goals are markedly different from previous anniversary celebrations.

One, to develop a Heritage Trail for Perry County, one marked by high grade profile markers that tell the story of our towns, covered bridges, historic sites and outstanding personages.

Two, thanks to the World Wide Web, bar codes on the historic markers lead to this Perry Heritage Trail web site and provide additional information on the item being described on the sign.  The web site address is also listed on the markers, thus providing information on additional marker on the Heritage Trail.

Three, on this web site you will also find a Heritage Trail map of Perry County, not only listing historic marker information and sites, but also the location of many important historical locations such as early schools, churches, businesses, cemeteries, covered bridges, mills, factories, homes of famous Perry Countians, legacy farms and properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

This is a work in progress.  By the summer of 2016, twenty-eight markers had been sponsored, research and installed.  Just click on Heritage Trail Maps in the title bar, and you will be directed to a map showing the location and offering descriptions and history of the persons or places being recognized.

We welcome not only nominations for PCBC markers and murals, but recommendations of other locations and sites that should be recognized.  Each month, we expect our map will sparkle with more locations, so check back often! To nominate, sponsor or suggest sites such as old schools, businesses, mills, churches, cemeteries, bridges or personalities just click on Support the Trail in the title bar.