We can be contacted as follows:

Glenn N. Holliman

Chair PCBC
P.O. Box 240
Newport, PA. 17074

Russell Hoover

PCBC Program Director
304 Soule Road
Apt A
New Bloomfield, PA. 17068

You can also contact any of the following committee members:

Members of the Perry County Bicentennial Committee are: The Honorable Brenda Benner, Curt Black, Frank Campbell, Pattie Campbell, Jairee Counterman, Gary Eby, Harry Faulk, Jason Finnerty, Linda Gilmore, Kerm Harry, Dennis Hocker, Barbara Holliman, Glenn Holliman, Jane Hoover, Russell Hoover, Erika Juran, John Kane, Marlene Landis, Jeff Mattern, The Honorable Steve Naylor, Gene Odato, David Patton, Rich Pluto, Bill Richey, The Honorable Paul Ruby, Allyson Shaffer, Ann Simonetti, Kristie Smith, Bobbie Stevenson, State Senator Robert Teplitz, Meagan Thorpe and Jean Tuzinski.

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