Susquenita High School Quilt:
2031 State Road, Duncannon
(Route 11/15, Cove Barn Antiques)

In the four corners, the green squares and the arrowheads characterize Native
Americans in Perry County and the abundance of nature around us. The orange and
red border represents the numerous train tracks throughout the county. The main focus
of the quilt is the Rockville Bridge arches, the main constructive design of the bridges
in Perry County and its reflection on the water. Blue water and a yellow ferry represent
the Susquehanna River and transportation before the bridges were built. The train
across the bridge is symbolic of the Duncannon train station. On the lower half of the
quilt, a log cabin represents the oldest church in Perry County, also located in
Duncannon. On the other side, the houses represent the riverfront houses in Marysville.
lastly, the footprints across the bottom symbolize the many hikers traveling through
Perry County on its portion of the Appalachian Trail.