The Dellville Bridge, built in 1889 by Andrew Clouser, is 174 feet long by 20 feet wide and has an interior height of 11 feet 10 inches.  The Burr Arch Truss bridge with window openings under the eaves, is both the longest and widest covered bridge in Perry County.  Planking is 2 inches by 16 feet.  It has stone and mortar wingwalls.

Originally single span, a center pier was added in 1932 and steel I-beams in 1957.  The bridge was rebuilt in 1973 by Stephen J. Esh after damages from flooding from Hurricane Agnes in 1972.  It was rebuilt again in 1997 after damages from flooding from Hurricane Fran in 1996.  In 20?? a new steel and concrete bridge was built across Sherman's Creek adjacent to the Dellville covered bridge.  The bridge was still open for light traffic with a beautiful picnic/rest area over the bridge but there is no outlet just a turnaround to go back over the bridge to exit the area. In November of 2014 this wonderful historic bridge was destroyed by fire set by arsonists still to be identified.  There currently a fundraising program to obtain funds to rebuild this beautiful bridge once again.

dellville bridge on fire

Posted on the National Register of Historical Places August 25, 1980  NRHP Ref 80003593 and World Guide to Covered Bridges No. 38-50-16GPS  40 21.82 N  77  06.98 W  or  40.363547  -77.116444

From Interstate 81 (Exit67) take Rt 322/22 approximately 20 miles to the Exit for Newport and New Bloomfield. Turn left at the end of the exit ramp onto Rt 34.
Travel 1 mile and cross the Juniata River on the old Iron Bridge, continuing straight through town (Market St) to the stop sign at the corner of 4th and Market St.  Turn left and continue on Rt 34 for 5 miles to New Bloomfield.
At the Square in New Bloomfield continue straight through on Rt 274.  Travel approximately 18 miles and turn left on Adams Grove Road (About 1 mile from Blain).  Travel approximately 2 miles, and bridge will be on the right side.