Entering Duncannon

entering duncannon QRThe Wister Mansion was at the intersection of New Bloomfield Road and Main Street, now the location of the American Legion.  It was the home of John Wister who at age 14 became an errand boy at the Duncannon Iron Works and rose to become its president.  He was a man of considerable influence in the County and Commonwealth.  He also served as president of The Duncannon Na-tional Bank, Trout Run Water Company and the Perry County Railroad.

1-3The Duncannon Flour Mill was opposite  the Wister  Mansion.  The Mill was built in 1814 by John Chisolm and ferry operator Robert Clark.  It had many owners in its 144 year history.  White Flour was produced from locally grown grain, most recently mar-keted  as White Dove Flour.  In the 20th century it also contained a building supply  and hardware store that also supplied coal to local residents.  The building was torn down  in 1958 for the construction of the highway.