Entering Duncannon


Perry County Railroad Station

On February 4, 1887 a charter was granted by the Commonwealth for the construction of the Perry County Railroad from Duncannon to New Bloomfield. On September 12, 1889 the first locomotive entered New Bloomfield. The Duncannon Station sat just to the north beside the Flour Mill. The standard gauge railroad connected to the Pennsylvania Railroad just south of this marker. The PCRR was purchased by the Susquehanna River and Western Railroad in 1903 and operated until 1939. During the construction of Rts. 11&15 the station was moved to Locust Street where it stands as a pri-vate residence.


Alta Noye residence

Prior to the highway construction in 1958, High Street crossed the creek and connected to the New Bloomfield Road near this location.  The current park was named after Alta Noye who owned much of the land and lived along the creek.  Her house is shown here during a World War 1 Victory Parade.


PRR Bridge