On July 19th, 2015 the Newport Heritage Park was opened with a dedication ceremony.  The park is located at the corner of Market and 4th Streets in Newport, PA














July 2016

2015-07-19 001 016

Frank Campbell, Newport Revitalization and Preservation Committee, master of ceremonies at the dedication

2015-07-19 001 028

Russell Hoover, Program Director of the Perry County Bicentennial Committee


Above, Jeff Mattern, treasurer of the PCBC introduces the memorandum of understanding between St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and the Borough of Newport.  Insert is of the pamphlet distributed at the dedication.  The 1940 memorial stone was relocated in July 2015 from its previous location adjacent to the former Pennsylvania Railroad depot at Front and Market Streets, Newport. 

2015-07-19 001 043

Laura Campbell reads the names of the Newport citizens who in 1841 demanded the release of captured fugitive slaves from Maryland who had sought refuge in Newport.

2015-07-19 001 027

Mayor Mary Hendricks accepts the memorandum

2015-07-19 001 051

Glenn Holliman, chair of the PCBC accepts a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Senate Resolution commemorating the 1841 event from State Senator Rob Teplitz.

2015-07-19 001 073

Commisioner Paul Rudy


2015-07-19 001 066

Commissioner Brenda Benner


Completed Heritage Park 2015. Six additional markers to be added in 2016


Below left Senator Teplitz, Russ Hoover and state historic sponsor, Barbara Holliman unveil the sign commemorating the citizens of Newport who in 1841 insisted on the freedom of fugitive slaves who had sought their liberty in the borough.  Right, Karen Galle of the PA Museum and Archives Commissions joins others in the sign unveiling.

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